The company

  • In 1992, in the Greek island of Kefalonia, the company Vandoros Gasparatos has developed the delicious crepe mixture that is now solely used in all Crepaland outlets. Since then, the company has developed a successful franchise chain in Greece. 
  • In 2010, Crepaland has developed its franchise in Cyprus and the Cypriot company Th. Trachnitis Creperie Ltd. has acquired the master franchise rights for the Cyrpus market. The development in Cyprus has got the support of the local people and until now there are 6 outlets operation, all in Nicosia.

Our Philosophy

CrepaLand is a new concept in the fast food industry

Ψustomer service in the most professional and friendly manner, in a warm, friendly and clean environment

Fast high-quality food

Modern and innovative packaging.

Fresh products of superior quality and taste 

Our crepes are made by experienced crepe makers in front of the customer, in contrary of mass production

  • Crepaland outlets or “shop in shop”
  • Full support of the franchisees for the development and operation of the outlets.
  • In house and outsource experts ensure a successfull project management for the implementation of new outlets
  • Strong Branding, product awarenes
  • Economic benefits from agreements with known and quality suppliers
  • Quick capital payback

Cover of customer needs

Crepaland covers the needs of today's customer, who under the conditions of modern life wants to enjoy a quality meal in a modern and civilized environment.

  • Dine-in  -  Take Away  - Delivery 

Product mix

Savory – Sweet 

Whole wheat crepes
Savory – Sweet  

Wafles - Waflino

Club sandwich - Salads

Ice cream


Marketing Services

Participation in festivals of high traffic (e.g. Nicosia beer festivals)

Partnerships with universities

Crepaland loyalty card

Live links with popular local radios

Facebook page


At Crepaland we give great attention to the selection of quality supplies from Greece and Cyprus for the raw materials we use. The approved suppliers are all quality certified and we have exclusive prices for the benefit of our ranchisees and our customers.

Typical approved suppliers are

NESTLE - Cremeria Ice cream

Papadopoylou biscuits


Cheeseline Ltd 

Palechori chicken farm


Buondi coffees

Buondi coffees


Thank you for your patience